Fast Support

Cynthia –

Type of a scam Phishing

got a phone call on my cell phone, stating that software in my laptop is not working that was just installed by another tech company. the tech company that I had installed the software and virus protection i think is legitimate. but they stated they would not ever call me by phone which I forgot.

so this company has called me to say the software is not working. they want to refund me the money and starts to ask for banking info to deposit the funds, i did not give any info, then he states that they have or will put in $3000 dollars but that I can refund them the difference. that is when i stopped communicating with them. But they continue to call even today. those numbers I have listed are the different ones with the latest on the bottom of the list.

Nicole –

Victim Location 97067

Total money lost $1,199

Type of a scam Tech Support

Purchased Internet Protection a while a go that was suppose to be a lifetime service. Was called today from "" selling the same service. When I ask access to my computes to fine the documentation on what I purchased last time I found out those personal file were erased by Fastsuppor tect.

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 65616

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was looking up a recipe and a warning popped up on my screen stating I needed to call the number due to the fact my computer was seriously being hacked by a virus intrusion..

I calked it and after soeaking with a foreign speaking individual for about 3 minutes and asked him several questions I knew he was a scam as I was looking through the different web sites he was wanting me to go to for his support is when I saw that was listed as a scam…when I read that to him he hung up. I questioned him from the get go but of course was very smooth n said my computer would be hit with a virus and etc…

Eddie –

Victim Location 76022

Type of a scam Tech Support

“Max” was Indian and said he was with Apple and they detected someone trying to hack my iCloud Account. He wanted me to go to my computer, go to Fast then a window popped up asking for my name and a Key Code (which he gave me) so he could take control of my computer to “fix the issue” and tell me who was hacking my account. I told him no thanks and I would call Apple Support myself. He got frustrated that I didn’t believe he was with Apple.

I did call Apple Support to confirm that he was not legit and very happy I didn’t fall for this BS. They are on the internet if you Google them and have many victims – very sad – but thought you would want to know about these SOBs trying to scam people.

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