Denise –

Victim Location 19342

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Offered fake tech support for HP Printer.

I let them remote-desktop into my computer and then I started to see emails from amazon and best buy for fraudulent charges. They changed my laptop password and would not tell me the password until I gave them money. They are unethical and 100% scam.

Peter –

Victim Location 68134

Type of a scam Tech Support

Told would deduct 398.99 from bank account unless I cancelled this fast support on line. I didn’t sign up for this the rep on the phone just kept saying get on the internet and I couldn’t thank goidness

Candice –

Victim Location 80831

Type of a scam Tech Support

Tech called on my home telephone #.Told me my computer was infected with virius and he could clean it up before computer locked up.He said do not turn computer off,gave me web site to type gave him access to my computer.He also said do not turn computer off.This process would cost me nothing.Free why not?? Called back and said he would need computer over night,because there were more problems than anticipated.Next morning called said he would need computer for one half hour more.Called back and said that 62 of 156 something or other were corrupt and need to be replaced.Each one of these were $14.99 or $929.38.Said could not afford.Michael said if I was senior citizen and AAA member I could get these for $8.99 each or $557.38.Like a dummy told him to go ahead and scanned check for $557.38 to him.After a half hour things were fixed and everything was a go. By then a little slow I became very suspicious and put a stop payment on check.I have heard nothing since.Took computer in to my tech to have the computer cleaned up.My tech said that a lot of malware and other junk were in my computer When you do not think you get burned.

Virginia –

Victim Location 93312

Type of a scam Tech Support

pop up window that did not allow the use of the of the exit keys, had to use the task manager to shut down the page.

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