Federal Treasury Dept

Todd –

Victim Location 46563

Type of a scam Government Grant

they called and stated I was chosen in my town to receive $9000 grant money for not filing for bank rup and paying my bills on time. all I had to do was call 202-630-5287 and give them a code CR123 and then go to local store and buy a card and put $250 on it and then call them back and they would get the card information so they can put the $9000 on that card.

Tabitha –

Victim Location 40517

Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from a lady from this number 202 456 777 with a foreign accent stating she was with the federal treasury dept, which I knew was a fraud but I listen to her only to get information so I could report to you all. She stated the government owed me 10,000 in grant money. She then asked me to verify my information but she didn’t give me anything to verify, she only asked me questions like was I employed , was I married and my age. I gave her all false information. She then said you passed verification. After that, she said to call this number 253-271-4087 and give them the grant I’d GR145. When calling this number they are trying to get people to pay 26.00 on their debit card to received the 10,000 promised which is ridiculous. The man on this call also had a foreign accent. But if you call and you get an answering machine it says the name Paul Ware and this voice is not of foreign accent. You will then hear a beep and the foreigner will answer.

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