Flash 22

Craig –

Total money lost $105.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I signed up for a free trial of the products Vskin and Age Escape. In order to receive the free products, I was required to pay shipping and handling, which I did by using my credit card. I received the product samples a few days later and thought that was the end of it. Three weeks later, I received an email notice that they had shipped more of each product and charged them to my credit card. (Vskin was $106.16, Age Escape was $105.76). A couple of days after that, a parcel was delivered by Canada Post while I was at work. I took it to the Post Office the next day and told them I was refusing delivery and to return it wherever it came from. Then I called the company and told them that I did not want the product, I did not accept delivery of the product and I wanted them to reverse the charges on my credit card. They told me that when I signed up for the "free trial", I clicked on a box that confirmed my agreement to subscribe to their product and that I had had 14 days to notify them by phone if I didn’t want to remain a subscriber. If that information was on the website where I ordered the free sample, it was very well hidden so that very few people would have noticed it. There was nothing sent with the product that indicated it was anything other than a free sample and certainly nothing to indicate that I was now considered a "subscriber" and would receive future shipments unless I phoned within 14 days and told them otherwise. I told them I had not accepted the delivery and I wanted a complete reversal of the charges. They said, after much arguing, that the best they could do for me was a 50% refund. They also said that I should have received the product and then called them for an RMA #, so since I didn’t that was also why they couldn’t do a full refund. It wasn’t correct according to their business policies. This is a huge scam. No-one in Canada should have to pay for products that they didn’t specifically order, don’t want, didn’t keep and for which they didn’t authorize charges to their credit card. These people need to be put out of business.

Aimee –

Total money lost $196.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sep30th/16 I was planning to go Walmart.ca, then a walmart survey popped up and saying finish the survey get free gifts only pay the shipping. So I finished the survery only because I thought it’s offered from Walmart!

I chose the garcinia and green coffee extract, 2 bottles. FREE but ask me to pay for the shipping only for $4.99 each.

few days later received another 2 emails showing another 2 orders placed with 2 different orders# with the charge of $98.65 and $98.27 .which I hav never authorized.

Called them today wondering I never placed these orders at all, then I was told those almost $200 charges is for the free trial! reason is I didn’t call to cancel on time. I got very confused cause the 2 free trials order number and the next 2 big charge order numbers are totally different!

Ramon –

Total money lost $98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company offers free trials of their skin care products. The trial is only 14 days and then they charge you an exorbitant amount of money. They will send you monthly products and charge your credit card every month. When I got the invoice before my 14 days trial was over, I wanted to cancel the products and send them back. They refused. They said I agreed to their terms and conditions when I signed up for the free trial. I asked repeatedly for a refund and to speak to a supervisor. They refused. When I told them I would report them to my credit card and to the ScamPulse.com, they started to negotiate with me. They offered me a credit voucher. I refused. They offered me 30% of my money back, I refused. then I hung up. Then they called me back and offered 50% of my money back. I refused. They finally agreed to close my account and to give me back my money. The email they sent me to verify this was only for one of the product numbers. So I called them back to check on the other product number. They said my account was cancelled, that I would receive no more product from them and I didn’t have to pay. Two weeks later, the charges appeared on my credit card. My credit card refuses to reverse the charges. I have cancelled my card. DO NOT ENTER INTO ANYTHING WITH THIS BUSINESS. They are swindlers. They don’t listen. They read off a script. The refund for the first product deducted the shipping and handling. But they also charged me separately for shipping and handling. My credit card company won’t help me with that.

Caroline –

Total money lost $143.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Online website offering free trail if you pay shipping, while given the option to NOT receive more product was indicated, the "Company" then continues to charge credit cards. When called about the issue, accounts are cancelled but they then proceed to charge credit cards and stated it is outside of cancellation limit to receive a refund.

Jasmine –

Total money lost $567.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I fell for the online diet pill scam that used Melissa McCarthy’s recent weight loss as a lure. The article starts off with how her TV show was cancelled because she had lost so much weight. And that her weight loss was because of the diet pills ‘Garcinia’. The article then offered trial bottles of the pill for a limited time only (I thought that meant it would no longer be at the trial price of $5.99). So I ordered one bottle. As I was order, I made sure that I looked for any small print about it not being legit. I did not see anything. They also suggested that to get the most effective results that the pill would work best with the Green Coffee pills that they were offering for $4.99. So I got those too.

I put that all on one credit card. Then I ordered a second set for my daughter and put it on my other card but used her email address. We received two sets (four bottles of pills) shortly after and I could see the two set of charges to both credit card. When the sets arrived, the only paper in both packages was the shipping label and a $50 ESSO gas card for registering. I DID NOT register because I did not want any more of the product. I did not see anything that stated that after 14 days of taking the trial pills that I would be charge the full amount – OR I WOULD HAVE DONE SO! In fact, I would never have ordered it if I had read that. The company charge the full amount to my second card. There was no room on my first credit card, so it never received another charge. But since there was room on my other it received another order for a set of pills – which was delivered while I was away on vacation. When I finally got around to checking my card balance, I saw the payments: the trial amount, the completion of trial amount, the second order, and I was told that they had just charged me for another set and had mailed it. That set never arrived. It took me 45 minutes of talking repeatedly to the person to say that I did not want the products, I did not agree to further charges on my card, I did not order further products, I did not want a reduced price, and on and on before she finally cancelled the order under my daughter’s name. Then I had to hang up and call back to ensure that there were no orders under my name on the first card – which there was not because that card was maxed out and they couldn’t charge anything to it.

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