Flash Towing LLC

Beth –

Victim Location 27409

Type of a scam Other

My car was booted in my parking lot by a company with no affiliation or contracts with my complex. As a student living in student housing all vehicles without parking permit stickers are towed. My sticker was displayed on my dashboard and I have been living there for two years and am very aware of the parking policy, which I have never violated. Security also knows me as well as the vehicle I drive. After the fake towing company was called to the scene the employee sent out refused to remove the boot without cash payments stating that I had just placed the parking permit on my vehicle at 12AM midnight. He refused to remove the boot and left because I denied payment. I contacted my apartment security and I awaited the police who was also called. We attempted to call the “ towing/booting company” who then blocked our calls once the police officer began question them on the phone. This “company” refused to give a physical address or the name of anyone in management stating that they were new and did not have that information readily available. The officers left and security and I noticed several other vehicles were also booted. We rang the number on the “company’s” flyer using a different number and they came back out only after security called for a different vehicle by pretending to be another student. Officers then returned to the scene and banned them from the property for trespassing. Since they could not provide a physical address for the place of business or any contracts stating that they had affiliation with this apartment complex they were illegitimately booting vehicles. The police provided us with the offenders information to take out charges against him in civil court. I verified information and attempted to seek out any contracts my leasing office had with this company, but they were not authorized in any way to be on the premise. The boot caused damages to the front left side of my car and tire damages. Security officers that work at the complex offered to cut the boot off due to the offenders leaving and refusing to removed the illegitimate boot. I am seeking compensation for the damages to my vehicle.

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