Alejandro –

Victim Location 78735

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company has no privacy policy, disclaimer or FTC legal requirements on their site.

There is no way to contact the company, and when I complained about their lack of customer service and their charging me with out giving me access to their software they banned me from all social sites.

I do not want to cancel a credit card because this company is illegally operating. I’d rather you shut the business down and get the FTC involved. They’re stealing money unauthorized from people and not giving access to the software.

When I’ve had any problems with the software they’ve never answered and refuse to give me customer service. Look on their Facebook page at how many complaints they have.

I’m tired of this company charging my card unauthorized each month and I’m not going to bow down and cancel my card that’s for my business because ONE company won’t stop charging me.

Instead, I want this company to be investigated and shut down for egregious behavior and illegal activities. They’re operating ILLEGALLY without any FTC LEGAL REQUIREMENTS.

They are taking names and credit card numbers, addresses and emails of people ILLEGALLY on their site.

They are charging people’s credit cards ILLEGALLY and because it’s such a small amount ($5.00) they think no one will notice. This company has NEVER answered any of my customer service complaints.

They’ve been nothing but egregious and illegal in their behavior with their customers.

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