Frank Mackay

Abigail –

Victim Location 76692

Type of a scam Employment

First I received an email stating an opportunity to work as a auditor for Walmart for year end surveys. Sent me a cashiers check for $2949.99. I was to deposit the check into my bank account and when it clears my bank, I was to withdraw upfront pay of $350.99. That would give me $1549. I was to go to the 1st Walmart and make any purchase worth $49.00 then purchase 5 Walmart gift cards each for $300. You go to different Walmart’s and purchase gift cards with the remaining balance. Once you have purchased all the gift cards, I was to scratch off the codes and take pictures and send sms message to coordinator. Once numbers are confirmed I was to destroy the cards. Write a survey report and then assignment complete. Of course, I never followed thru with this scam.

I hope you do not fall for the same scam.

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