HGTV personality Scott McGillivray

Lisa –

Victim Location 43017

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a Facebook request from HGTV Scott McGillivray that was a scam. There was a Facebook picture that looked real. When I accepted the friend request I got an instant Messenger email telling me I won a million dollars, a new car and a home improvement from this HGTV professional. they started asking me questions to validate I was the winner of the prize. When I asked to validate this and stated it appeared to be a scam I was told no scam. I was told not to tell anyone else or the prize would be withdrawn, I was to answer all the questions. I asked to speak to Scott’s boss and was directed to a phone number and that his boss was John carter. I spent about 25 minutes speaking with this individual. Much more transpired I gave no bank information etc, and in the end I told the imposters that I was no longer interested in their scam.

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