Hitek Squad – Spoofed

Christian –

Victim Location 55009

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted shortly after purchasing a MacBook Pro. Said they were tech support from Apple. Paid $299 Jan. 2015 for 3 years of support/security. Paid $599.98 December 2015 for lifetime basic security for all devices. Paid $99.99 April 2016 for anti-hacking for one year. Paid $69.99 September 2016 for drivers, one year. Paid $659.99 June 2017 for the complete Software & Drivers package which includes the 3rd party drivers as well. This plan covers multiple computers which is good for till the life of your Computer. THEN I get a call this month and am told I need to re-up my security for three or five years for $249 or more. I felt harassed and pressured to take this last service offered. I declined to take it. I have talked with the Apple Care folks and they tell me I did not need to pay for this service. Many of these things can be downloaded free. I just want to make others aware of this company and to be cautious about exactly what they are giving you.

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