Holland May Print Services

Christy –

Victim Location 32825

Type of a scam Employment

This company offered me a work from home position of a gift specialist..they said I just have to repack what they send me and wrap it with a gift wrap they sent me.. they even sent me documents to sign as a formal employee and they ask me to sen them my id and social for background check.. everything looked and sounded legit.. they even have a website of wrapping papers designs but the wrapping paper they sent me was a regular green wrapping paper..the first package was just a protein shake for me to wrap it and send it to their customer.. I sent the package thinking this was a legitimate job I even had a dashboard to log in everyday to know what task I had for each day.. after that first package they asked me to go to Best Buy and pick up an order number they provided me with so I went to pick it up and I came to see the order was 4 mac computers the expensive ones and they sent me the label for me to reship these to the address provided In the label they had submitted to me so I don’t have to pay for shipment they said.. when I saw those computers I realized something wasn’t right so I started searching online for more Information.. that’s when I found out this was a scam so I didn’t send any of these computers and then they started to send more computers to my house that I didn’t even open the door to receive since I knew already I was a victim of a scam.. I went to police station and gave them all these computers and file a report and I also filed a report with the usps inspection services and the federal trade commission..now I have to worry about identity theft because they have all my Information.. they harrasssed and threatened me saying to ship them or they will have their lawyer contact me or they will send their agents to my address to pick up the orders they have forwarded to me.. they said if I ship them now they will pay me in advance to prove they are legit.. when they offered me the job they said they will pay me 1,500 plus bonuses that can add up to 3,000 per month..

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