humanitarian Innovation Fund

Amber –

Victim Location 06105

Type of a scam Government Grant

A classmate of mine way back in the Philippines texted me about Humanitarian Innovation Fund because she said she was granted cash of $30000 to pay her mortgage. She gave me the person to contact, by text by phone and by email. So I applied and after 15 minutes he got my informations, and showed me the lists of grants I can apply. I said Housing Assistance . After 5 minutes he said that they can approved me 30000 dollars and told me that if I want it, it could be on my doorstep within 24 hours and they instructed me how to claim it by western union

Diane –

Victim Location 84770

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Means of contact was through Facebook using my brothers FB page. "Hi Theresa how are you doing. (I replied back.) I have some wonderful news. You can apply for a grant for up to 50,000 dollars. If your approved. I applied and received 30,000 cash. You have to pay a fee for taxes and fed ex. You will recieve your money in 24 hrs." They made it seam like he had sent money and recieved cash back. I sent a text to apply for a 20,000 grant. Then Mr William Carl Smith

told me that the lawers were looking it over and he would text me when I was approved. Then my "fake brother" asked if I was approved. I said waiting. He said let me know.

I was approved for 20,000 but have to pay a fee of 750.00.

I told my "fake brother" and asked if this was ligit? He said yes he received cash. Im still thinking hes my brother. I then asked him to join messenger but he wouldn’t. First thing wrong I noticed then I noticed he usually says sis. I go to western union thats how he said to send the money. When I have the cash the woman asked me if I know this person I said no she then asked if they were out of country I said no here in USA. She right away said its a scam. But (I said) my brother got cash the next day, through fed ex.

She said fed ex doesn’t send cash.

I told her my brother got cash. She said its counterfeit or something is wrong with it he could owe 30,000 and be out the 900. He paid and go to jail. She said 750 is alot of money.

So I didnt send the money. They kept saying it’s for only 24 hrs. I contacted the they sent back this information.

They used someone elses legitimate name and web site but emails weren’t connected to legit grant source. Names to phone no couldn’t be found. First thing wrong the fee.

If its too good to be true wait and contact BBB. THANKS TO THE WESTERN UNION WOMAN. IM NOT OUT 750.00$

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