Imposter Leapforce

Leah –

Victim Location 34488

Type of a scam Employment

Lady cotacted me through Facebook saying she had an at home job thst I would be a part time employee. She asked for me to contact on Gooogle Hangouts and request Joe Morris.. She game me his email. Said he wouldnt respond there.

I invited him and send a intro message to him. He responded and gave me very thorough interview with lots of questions.

He tells me i pass the test with 90% and that the company accepts me as employee.. Then tells me that now that I’m employee it will be one week of training and gives strict guideines. The it starts getting weird. He asked my what kind of computers things i had like computer printer copier scanner. Then i told him I had computer but my other stuff was outdated. He said that the company secures us with a account with company funds and that money will be refunded to me in order to purchase the equipment and machines that I need through a direct vendor. Once I have paid for the materials and equipment I need the new laptop I will be receiving will go to shipping where she will install the software I will be using. This is supposed to be FedEx to me in the next business day. I was also told that more funds will be applied to the card which at this point I didn’t know which card he was talking about and I will also receive additional funds to pay my bills. Then I was told about all the benefits the company has and a great company benefits package we’ll just how I would receive all of these things. The last thing he said I would receive besides amazing benefits from the company everything from retirement to fun sharing he stated that the company will be paying off all of my debt. I told him I had 15 to $20,000 in student loans so that seems like an awful lot for a company to pay off that doesn’t even know who I am. Then he told me just be rest assured it would be taken care of. Then he says the options for you in order to receive your funds needed to purchase this equipment is either through direct deposit in order for you to receive your check weekly or bi-weekly whatever you choose and also the funds will be monitored through access of my online information for my account login Bank information in order to maintain proper usage of company funds by me. So then I said well I have a credit card that I can use that is a secured credit card that has a bank routing number and account number. Then I said I also have a business account that is attached to an internet banking system that I have used in the past to set up for account and routing numbers for third-party transactions on the internet. I said which one of those would be better. He then told me that those forms of payment and funding are unacceptable that I would have to use my checking account. Which he wanted and then proceeded to ask me for my account and routing number at the bank name name the account is under also my login identification and password to my online banking I told him that I currently cannot use my account due to it being overdrawn and they’re being a hold put on my account due to an unauthorized payment being taking out for the months. I was trying to get him to steer away from using my checking account. I mention that I have two other options for payment so which one would we use if my account is not available. He says None… Denise didn’t say anything else and I said I don’t feel comfortable giving my account I said every company has more than one option for payment for employees who do not have the resources okay checking account. Then he says we can only use your bank account and I said what happened to the option to use a credit card plus I have another account I can use that’s attached to my bank then he says there are no other options. Then I started researching and saw that they are not even accredited and that they have been out of business since 2017 I screenshot that and send it to the Man and have not and cannot get a response back most definitely a scam

Cory –

Victim Location 64501

Type of a scam Employment

Two females are making posts on swap and shop sites and initiating contact through Facebook messenger and asking that all people interested download the ‘Hangouts’ app and add a certain email and person with a "interview code". Once confronted that I looked the company up through BBB she no longer spoke with me.

Tasha –

Victim Location 44041

Type of a scam Employment

Was contacted on Facebook about data entry work. When we started to get into details they asked for my user name and password to my bank account to keep track of company finances, along with my routing and account numbers. Someone on Facebook actually pm’d me about the job.

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