Independent/Quality Survey

Sharon –

Victim Location 01907

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I can’t recall the exact website but I came across an opportunity to become a secret shopper. I submitted my application and received the following responses:

– 7/13/18 I received a text message from 323-241-8445 stating my application had been approved and to send a text to 818-877-2089 to confirm that the message was received.

– 7/18/18 I received a text from 470-290-4832 that my initial job package was sent

– 7/19/18 I received a text from 702-602-6388 inquiring if the package was received

When I arrived home on 7/19/18 there was a package that included a live check for $2,860 and instructions to deposit the check, take my fee of $360, buy $500 gift cards with the remainder and send front/back copies of the gift cards to [email protected] and [email protected]

Once I read the letter I immediately knew it was a scam.

I’ve attached a copy of the letter, the check, and the packaging slip for your review.  

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