International Association of Forest Ecosystems and Climate Change/Standard Chartered Bank UK/HM Revenue Customs-London

Kendra –

Victim Location 54491

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

12/22/17-I received an email (from Jessica Bagley), secretary, instructing that I was a recipient of (17 randomly selected awards, by their computer lottery system) to receive $974,000 U.S. dollars, and told to contact their consultant: Professor Dr. Michael Clarke ([email protected]), I didn’t respond until January, suspiciously. But, then, I did contact Prof. Clarke, and he verified my personal information, and then told me to contact: Standard Chartered Bank-UK, Andrew Nigel Halford to release my award monies and provided that information to me. I contacted SCB-UK all done in emails, and they sent me an application to complete requesting my banking information and I submitted this to him, with my savings account and routing # for my bank, having only a required $10 deposit in it. I have more documents for you to read from the people listed in this complaint.

Then, last week, I received from "Revenue Revenue" ([email protected]), an email "attestation report" from Mr. Jon Thompson, at this email address, stating my award monies are suspended until I pay the required fees of $19k, up front. So Prof. Dr. Michael Clarke-consultant for International Association of Forest Ecosystems and Climate Change, offered to wire $5,000 to them, on my behalf into the account they requested too, with agreement he be repaid upon confirmation in my bank account of the award within 48 hours, and I offered this to the bank as well, however HM Revenue Customs demands full payment of fees, prior to releasing, and said there is no recourse and that, he could lose his job, if he bent these rules. I have asked for an extension to come up with these fees, however my daughter downloaded an app today, and when we tried to call these numbers, they were invalid, or the last one for Standard Chartered Bank-UK went to Afghanistan, so I am very leery of this correspondence, much less paying fees I cannot afford. I explained my financial situation and pleaded my case to them, but cannot possibly come up these fees. And, Prof. Dr. Michael Clarke did express last week finally, when I asked, I must expend $194,000 for the agency’s initiatives; encouraging awareness in my community through posters, flyers, etc. He also mentioned 1 recipient received a waiver in paying these fees and that I was the only U.S. recipient, and expected to pay these fees. I am an environmental online activist for these causes, which is how they received my information. I am unsure if this is indeed a scam or not, but wouldn’t want anyone to wire monies nor subject others to this, when I am not a business, just an individual and parent, disabled. I have saved all information, documents, and correspondence, if needed.

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