Invitation Processing

Lucas –

Victim Location 34293

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a 6 page letter containing my name and address and stating they had looked at my profile and I am more special than anyof them imagined. People who possess these same rare and often hidden traits are some of he most famous and successful people on this planet. The letter invited me to join an exclusive association, a secret society absolutely free. They stated this association has uncovered shockingly powrful secrets and that’s why the individuals in this society have achieved great prosperity and success. I was told I would be flattered if I knew who these individuals were. If I join, I would receive their Greatest Kept Secrets absolutely free. They supposedly hand pick people like me every year from around the world. The letter goes on and on and at one point states "Such miraculous abilities are what make a person believe, "There must exist another realm, a higher mystical realm, or how else can one explain these phenomena. Well, there does exist a realm that no one )outside the association) can explain, a realm in a few unique people that’s so powerful and beyond our everyday experience it does seem like they’re blessed with miracles. I was told I had to send them the enclosed free-membership invitation form by Oct. 20 or I would never hear from them again. I still have the letter and form and did not respond.

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