IRS Agent Jason Miller

Nicolas –

Victim Location 33919

Total money lost $4,900

Type of a scam Tax Collection

On July 30 th the phone call was initially made on a 5613688030 asking to contact the 5172524425 number, which i did. There were several persons at different times of the phone conversation that came on and claimed they were with IRS, a Kevin Smin, Brian Curtis and quoted badge numbers while I was in my vehical waiting to get into work. They claimed that I was being investigated by the IRS and was being charged with tax evasion for 2012-2016. Threatened lost of all my possessions and jail time if I did not resolved the matter. They claimed the matter was at the supreme court level. They said I owed $4896.89. They said I needed to pay $2000 and payment arrangement will be made when I meet the officers at the IRS. I spent most of the time on the line with the man who claimed he was Jason Miller Badge #233917. They talked me into going to my bank and withdrawing $2000 and make a Money Gram transfer to a Jonathan Sanchez in GA. This man claimed that this Jonathan Sanchez was also an officer and would be meeting me that evening at the IRS office in Fort Myers. They had me listened to a recorded statement that said how I would be punished for the crimes that I commited and asked if I knew what I did or did I want to resolve the matter. They had me remained on the phone line that they claimed was recorded. He consistently said he had to update the courts and give me further instructions from point A to B at every destination he had me go to. He also had me input every address on my phone GPS and tell him how long it would take to get to those places. They had me promised not to tell anyone about was happening until my case was resolved. He had me driveto the IRS and it was already after 6 pm at this point and had me returned home because the place was closed. He told me he would call me the next day at 10 am. The next day he called at 9:39 am and he said he had some good and bad news. He said that the court would only drop me case if I paid all the money I owed, he said I needed to pay $2900 more and that I can tell my husband it’s for an emergency and that I would have papers that expalined everything by the end of the day. He had me made several transactions at a Game stop for $1000, 2 cards of Google Play $500 each card, had me scratched off the code areas, number each card and give them to him and he in turned read off some confirmation code for each cards; he claimed that those codes are what I will be giving the officers at the IRS office and the IRS will not take the payments with out the codes. He had me drive to 4 different Walgreens and made $500 transaction on 3 Google Play cards and $400 on another Google Play card. He then had me google the IRS office address and said that by the time I get there it would be too late. He claimed that the office was closed at 5 pm that day which was July 31 st and that he would call me the next day to set up my appointment to meet the officers. He did not call back after that. The scamers called on 8/2/18 from a New York number 7182559130 asking for $2000 more dollars.

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