IRS or Tax Headquarters Imposter

Cassandra –

Victim Location 83703

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I am getting 1 to 4 calls a day from a "Robo" voice claiming that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me. I don’t answer the calls but they leave a voice mail message. Today’s messages are especially threatening saying that I "will be taken under custody by the local cops" (direct quote) as my tax filings will "get expired" in the next 24 working hours. The English used contains several grammatical errors. They never use my name or cite any information to verify that they know who I am. The message is clearly bogus because we have always been up to date on our annual tax filings and the language used does not sound like official government business. We have not received any recent notifications from the IRS through the mail which I understand is their preferred communication channel. I have ignored the messages but wanted to report these incidents so that unsuspecting citizens can be warned.

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