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I received a robo call this past Saturday May 19, 2018 saying that my computer was infected with viruses. Someone called back on May 21 from this place which I don’t know how they got our phone number as it is unlisted saying again that our computer had issues. The man on the phone told me what to type in to show me that there was 6679 issues on my computer and then after running some type of scan said I had a Trojan. Problem is then he told me there was 3 ways to pay for his service to get rid of it. First a 3 year payment which has free support and clean up for $249 USD then a 5 year option which was $500 USD then a 7 year LIFETIME option for $699 USD. After making the mistake of giving our address, phone number and my e-mail address I decided to have my husband talk to him as they called back around supper time again to see what option we would like to go with. My husband told the caller he thinks this is a scam and he would get no money and I am glad that I didn’t give out my cc number as I suspect that this is a scam and would like to know if it is or not. This sounds like another post I saw on this site almost the same thing but different company. My advice is don’t give out any info or payment until you know this is legitimate. We were lucky that no payment was made.

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