James Miller/ Publisher’s Clearing House Imposter

Daniel –

Victim Location 75479

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

on 7/27/17, Mr. James Miller representing himself as a New York employee of Publisher’s Clearing House, Badge # 1122 called from 867 783 4602; informing of a sweepstakes prize won on ticket # 608US8, Claim # 542 364; Policy 1628; Individual was instructed to send $500 to start claim procedure to Shanee McPherson in New York; Phone # 800 926 9400 via MoneyGram from Walmart in Bonham tx. Ref. # 631 727 46; Mr. Miller called numerous times to see if funds were sent, and when individual told him he didn’t have a credit card, he was instructed to call Capital One at 888 201 4523 or Discovery 800 374 2683 and get a credit card so he could send an additional $1100 to "pay the taxes" on his prize money. Individual told him he couldn’t get approved for a card, so Mr. Miller claimed as a favor to him, he would "loan" him the money by wire through Western Union in Bonham if he would immediately turn around and send those funds back to him so he could begin the processing of his claim. Instructions as to where to return the $1100 would be provided along with the "loaned" funds. Individual was also told that Nancy Wilson, an attorney from Dallas would be in contact with him with regard to the prize to be awarded to him ($10,000 per month for the rest of his life).

Ms. Wilson has not been in contact, and the phone number given by Mr. Miller 867 783 4692, has a Jamaica area code, not New York as the Individual was told, and Mr. James Miller has not sent him the $1100 "loan" money.

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