Gregory –

Victim Location 98467

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Website scam. No adresss on e mail. African accent. Claimed to live on an organic farm and that he bought it from the original owners 6 years ago. Claimed it had been around for 16 years. We requested FaceTime and set up appointment which he missed. Called him back and he said he wasn’t on the farm, that we could call back in an hour.

Angel –

Victim Location 08861

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were so excited to purchase a gorgeous pit for $450.00. We sent the $450.00 via Walmart. After that he said it was going to be an extra $850.00 for Puppy insurance on the flight… my husband then sent him $850.00 through Walmart… then , I got involved as they were asking for another $950.00 for “Temperature Controlled Crate” due to the “heat”…When we offered to pick up the puppy instead… they began to give us the run around and told us there was a fee to cancel the flight, we asked for flight confirmation, and they could not provide… now they are unresponsive!!

Gloria –

Victim Location 65559

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking into buying a blue pitbull and they had some for sale for only $500 and that is with free shipping in the US and Canada. I thought that was a little much. My friends at work said that they thought since it cost so much for someone to send a dog on a plane that I should look into the web site because if I was only paying $500 for the dog, shipping would take up most of that or more. When I told them that I thought this was a scam and that I wanted to pick up the dog, i never received a return e-mail from them and the contact broke off completely. Now I have received an e-mail from Namecheap.com that is a confirmation that I am now registered with the helpdesk through my e-mail and they gave me a password. I never contacted the support desk at Namecheap.com. I marked it and every future message from them as spam.

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