JBOLF Job Solutions

Jake –

Victim Location 53581

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a letter telling me I was hired to be an Undercover Customer Service Evaluator for Money Gram and Western Union, also for other businesses ( Wal-Mart, Subway, JcPenny’s….). They included a check (that looks legit) and a list of items with how much to spend for each item. I would have had to deposit the check into a bank account and wait 12 hrs. before removing any money (I didn’t deposit the check). They offered to pay me $400 to $450 per assignment (to start they gave me two assignments: wire money through Money Gram or Western Union, and mystery shopper at one of the listed stores, then evaluate both).

A few things that I noticed about the letter and the check to watch for are: Spelling of all words (if words are misspelled on a check probably not legit), The company that the check is coming from (research to make sure company is legit, the company on the check was misspelled and didn’t match what the letter was saying they were), The email was @mail.com, which isn’t a real email address, The post mark on the envelope the company address was different from state postal stamp (Dallas, TX and Philadelphia, PA), and they used Job Solutions as a base company but added some letters in front to make it like a branch off of the legit Job Solutions (which is a legit work from home company.

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