Denise –

Victim Location 77089

Type of a scam Employment

Wanted to hire me as personal driver for his mother. Kept changing starting date. Said he found me on Careerbuilder. Said he was deaf so could only text or email. Mother would get sick so he would cancell starting date. This went on for 45 days. Sent fraudulent ck to pay for rental suv. I had my bank run the ck and it was fake. I sent back a message stating that FedEx delivered a fake ck . There were misspell words and info letter the grammar was off. I told my banker I felt it was a scam. Jeffreydavis said he would get back to me in 24 hrs. He said something is wrong . Yes something is wrong. He is trying to scam me and it was not working. I never was contacted again. They tried to get you to take ck to an ATM and deposit it. I’m smart enough to know I’m getting a real person to ck the computer printed ck over. It was a good fake. My bank thanked me for being smart. Supposedly his book keepers name was William Feldman [email protected]

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