Jenson ans Evans

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 77375

Type of a scam Debt Collections

JE Group Scam? Jenson & Evans

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December 6, 2018

Initial call came from (281) 623-0043, (this number had been calling me for days and hanging up) female asked for me by my facebook username and stated she had a complaint that was filed against me. I asked what it was about, the female stated to call this number to get all the information . The woman gave this number (844) 868-9745 and a file #. I called the number and asked what this was about, rep stated that a judgement was going to filed against me for a delinquent bill with Sprint from 2014. I asked for a validation of debt, rep stated they sent one, I stated I never received. The rep provided my address and said it was sent October 22nd. I told her to send it agaIn, she wouldn’t. Rep stated the amount of the judgement was $1727 and that I could pay $927.79 in payments or a lump sum of $736. Rep also stated that the judgement would garnish my wages, my bank account or any other money I received to recover the debt. I stated I am not going to pay that with all the extra fees attached the rep stated that is all that she could do. I stated to rep to not call again and not to call any other numbers of family and friends. To contact by mail only. That was around 1:20pm. At about 1:40pm I received another call this time from Samantha, who stated she was a supervisor and wanted to make sure there was nothing she could do before they sent the account to be filed for a judgment I told her the same thing I told the previous person along with the fact that she called me after a verbal request to not call me again. I let her know at this point she was now breaking the law. The “supervisor” placed me on hold for quite a while and then cam back on the line to tell me that she spoke with underwriting and they can close the act for the amount owed $227, but we would need to have that paid today and they wouldn’t allow her to hold the account. I told her that I don’t have that amount at this time, she said they would allow a payment $27.39 on the account to hold it until I had the balance. She also stated again that the judgement would garnish my wages, my bank account or any other money I received to recover the debt. I gave my card info and she texted over a signature sheet. At this point I was well past the point of suspicion and asked the name of the company again (Jenson & Evans), asked where were they located, she stated Irvine, CA I asked if they were a law firm, she said they were a financial company and the legal paperwork would be handled by another department. As I was getting this information from her I was googling the name and after just a quick search I saw there were complaints, so I told her that I would not be paying this. She went on and on about she wouldn’t be abut to hold the account and I told her to do what she has to do and ended the call again. At 2:52pm I got another call, this time from a woman in the “processing dept. “, she stated she wanted to reach out to me before they started the paperwork on the judgement. I told her, she too is in violation since I have been called twice since I stated not to call again, not only that if you are attempting to collect on a debt you have to stated that along with a call recording disclosure since when I asked if the line is recored and you said yes I wasn’t informed of that in the beginning of the conversation. After going back and forth with the third woman I sat on the phone in silence for a minute, when she asked if I was still there I stated yes, I have nothing else to say. Asked her if she was done, she said yes and I hung up.

(844) 483-0857 called 5 times by this number in one day within 1 hour.

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