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Frank –

Victim Location 79932

Type of a scam Employment

scammer contacted me by e-mail, saying the have received my resume. they conducted a txt interview (I have screenshots of the entire conversation). After the hour long interview they said I was hired. They had me print out an agreement to sign and send back with a copy of my drivers license, front and back. they said they were sending me a check so that I may buy supplies (a mini office) off one of their accredited venders, and I will start training ASAP. they over nighted me a check for over 7,000 dollars. the bank teller informed me the check lacked security features. So I deposited the check through the ATM. the scammer texted me everyday asking if the funds were available. I told them not yet. then the scammer told me to go to the bank and have the check canceled and they will send me another check. I went to the bank, the bank said they can not cancel the check. (the check was on hold for 7 days) the check was set to clear on the 1st of the month. 2 days before the check clears the scammers cancel the check. Now the scammers are not eager to start my training. I call the phone number on the scammers website – no answer…

Cameron –

Victim Location 85254

Type of a scam Employment

I answered an ad and received a message via Google Hangouts. I interviewed with them for a freelance remote graphic designers role. After an hour interview I was awarded the position. I asked to speak with them by phone and that’s when things got funny. There was hesitation to connect that way. I said I wanted to speak with the people I would be working with but again hesitation. I googled the company’s website and really started questioning the legitimacy of the organization. I tried calling and got a machine, called another number listed and it was disconnected. There was no record of the company on BBB nor LinkedIn. There were some testimonials on the website that I tried to reach through LinkedIn but I’ve had no response. I’m trying to figure out where the scam is but there’s something wrong here. Beware!

Randall –

Victim Location 02904

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job through a job posting site. They sent me an email saying I was on a shortlist of candidates selected for the job and to interview via Google Hangouts. I was given the email of the "person" I was to interview with. They asked a few questions and I answered not giving anything too much away. They said I was hired…offered to pay me a reasonable wage and they would send me a check to buy office supplies. I did my due diligence and looked up the company because something didn’t seem right. I found the site and it looked legit. I saw they had a twitter handle and clicked on it to follow…account suspended….next I looked up the phone number and it was a talk to text number. Seems fishy and called them off. Just don’t want others to fall in a trap and get scammed.

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