Krista –

Victim Location 01850

Total money lost $606

Type of a scam Online Purchase

You pay 500.00 for the puppy – they send you an invoice with contact information on it – where to wire the money and then you get a confirmation from *** that the puppy is awaiting to be shipped but you need to send to Delta Pets Travel Llc Welcome To Delta Pets Animal Courier Service. "Flexible, Comfortable & Sure Pet Shipping" Delta Pets Travel MN Branch Office Tel: 918-340-2287 Www. Please treat as urgent…….. Dear Delivery address: First we would like to thank you for choosing our service, we are only happy when you are satisfied. Please accept apologies for the delayed notification.. Right now, we are facing some problems with shipping your puppy as a result of the poor weather so we have decided to adapt a well heated/ventilated AC crate so that it could always moderate the temperature of the puppy while on transit. You’ll find some samples attached. Our vet Doctors have also recommended particular immunization vaccines, which must be administered on the puppy before it can be dispatched to further guarantee a safe and healthy delivery. The authorities concerned insist the puppy must be fully insured with a valid Life & Travel insurance document as well as state authorized Adoption/Ownership Transfer Document legalizing the purchase of this puppy. Most importantly, the age of the puppy does not permit it to be shipped without these requirements. Pertaining to the above mentioned points, we would like to bring the following to your attention; the puppy will be delayed at the infirmary until all the requirements are fully met as stated below. The refundable payment needed for the paperwork (insurance and transfer of pet ownership), crate and immunization vaccines are as follows: *Refundable Insurance fee – $390 *Sophisticated temperature regulated electronic Puppy Crate – $170 *Transfer of Ownership Certificate – $85 *Travel/Contamination Immunization vaccines – $194 Total – $839 (98% refundable) But the owner says the pup comes with shots health cert. and toy w/ blanket NOTHING BUT *** !!!!

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