John Beauman

Ruth –

Victim Location 54140

Type of a scam Romance

This guy contacted me thru messenger. We were not Facebook friends..but you can still message people thru messenger even if you’re not connected on Facebook. I did find him on Facebook tho. He had only 2 pictures on the friends..and the pics were uploaded within an hour of each other. These are RED FLAGS!! My setting on Facebook is set to friends of friends so he couldn’t friend me if he wanted to. My friend list is set to only another block for him. I didn’t answer either of his messages on messenger (you have to accept the request for them to know you saw it)..but his second message was what sent off more red flags. He said he was a single dad (but no pics of kids on Facebook), a businessman, caring, trustworthy, and God-fearing. Scammers get info to try to trap you by using the info you have available on facebook, such as my religion was he says he is God-fearing. If I would have answered, I would have been a target. But I was scammed once already so now all I want to do is end the scammer’s livelihood. These guys are all sweet and sugar when things are going their way..but they get rude and nasty when it doesn’t. And nothing is ever their fault. My previous scammer was very much like this one. Protect yourself…do some research and up your privacy settings!!

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