Jonathan Daniel

Andrea –

Victim Location 92225

Type of a scam Employment

Received email stating information for secret shopper assignment would be mailed to me and to let him know when I received it. Received USPS Priority mail envelope, letter size from a *** ***, *** ** *** *** *** ** 33322. showed no location found, please enter a valid location. In envelope is a check from *** *** (No address or phone #) from PNC BANK paid to me for $2875.00 with a letter with title of MongeyGram giving me instructions to deposit check, email Jonathan Daniel & copy of deposit slip w/breakdown of: Check $2875, your salary $350, amount to send out $2495, moneygram charge to send to Turkey $30, amount to be sent out is $2495 instructing to kindly complete transaction at Walmart. MoneyGram to be sent to Lucky Tory, city-Istanbul, country-Turkey, Postal code-34000; to send single transaction to this name. Report of completion to Jonathan Daniel, HR at [email protected] Then instruce of what to do at store. At bottom shows another email, which is fishy [email protected] with phone #612-231-1334 -SMS. None of this seemed correct to me so I didn’t do it and none of the names, emails or address are a known location. I didn’t do it because nothing would come up so I didn’t lose anything and don’t want my name on anything.

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