Jose Luis Salcedo

John –

Victim Location 95126

Type of a scam Rental

Uses to scam apartment rental says he lives in Spain and Airbnb will be in contact you to finalize rental agreement

Garrett –

Victim Location 91401

Type of a scam Rental

I received an email from this individual letting me know that a property I had inquired about through Facebook Market place was available. After I replied asking for specific details about the property he replied with the message below.

"Hello again,

Nice to hear back from you. All sounds good and i feel that we are ready to proceed. You should know that i want to use Airbnb services in order to book, inspect and sign the lease. They will be in charge of everything and the entire transaction will be done thru them, so we are both safe and secure. The reason why i am doing like this, is that we dont live in the US anymore and we really need to rent this property for long term. My daughter used to live there but now we are relocating in Spain and we no longer need it. Please send me your full name so i can contact Airbnb and initiate the transaction and they will get in touch with you with necessary steps and instructions you need to follow in order to check the property and sign the lease. Rent price is $1,000 monthly with all utilities included.

I look forward to get your reply.


Jose Luis"

Leonard –

Victim Location 07003

Type of a scam Rental

Was looking for an apartment close to work.

Found an interesting one on, and sent initial contact email ("What’s the availability, are utilities included", etc.)

Scammer sent a reply (see attached).

However, they made the fatal mistake of sending the same thing twice, using same name but different email addresses.

Just to entertain, I sent them a reply ("just me, no pets") and soon after he replies back saying he is ready to move forward (without a credit or employment check!), going to use AirBnB, etc.

This is laughable- but to the untrained eye, a serious trap.

The websites are blank, purchased from . No helpful info on WhoIS.

Martin –

Victim Location 21208

Type of a scam Rental

I saw a listing on for a 2 bed 2 bath for $1000 a month utilities included. I called the number listed and it was connected to a google account. I left a message and received a text from stating that they would like me to email them. I did so and asked for more details about the listing. They asked for my job details, marital status, and age. I responded weeks later. I emailed them again to try and get more information and see if the listing was still open. He then told me that he was relocating to Spain and trying to rent out the apartment because he no longer needed it. He said he needed my full name and that the listing will be leased out through He said they would take care of showing the apartment and all of the lease details. This did not seem likely since Airbnb handles vacation rentals. The same apartment listing is posted on the daily basis on several apartment rental sites with a different name and number as a contact. It seems like a scam.

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