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Victim Location 21060

Type of a scam Other

Please read carefully as I am going to explain in details why I mailed you. Craig died in an auto- mobile crash on the 15th of March 2014. I have since carried out a search on his actual extended family ties and which efforts have been to no avail and hence my contacting you. My mail to you was written as a matter of last resort because of the circumstances surrounding this claim right now. I am in search of a relative of my late client who happens to bear the same last name. I cannot ascertain if you are directly related to my late client but I am taking a chance to contact you. He was an oil merchant and he had oil dealings around Europe and Africa.

He lived most of his years here in London, but travelled often. I served as his private attorney for the last eleven years preceding his death, Craig was never married and had no children. He migrated into the UK a long time ago as an orphan. His financial investments in a bank are on the verge of being declared non transferable.

I am in dire need to present a next of kin to enable the release of the funds in value of £6.8 Million. In the event that you are not in any way related to this man, I humbly ask for your assistance in partnering with me to get this funds released since you have similar last name as my late client.

Note that there is a legal reason for the confidentiality of this transaction because of the nature of the transactions and the circumstances surrounding it. I stand a better part of the risk because if at any point, and for any reason, this Finance House becomes aware of my prior contact with you, then I could be held for being in breach of a standard code of conduct which borders on a breach of lawyer/client fiduciary relationship among others and for this reason, I will appreciate if you are very sure you can assist with this and execute this with the required diligence.

Take note of the mode of sharing after a second thought, 50% for me 50% for you. If you have gone through this mail and you feel it is well understood, please get back to me telling me if you are willing to go ahead or not so that I can give you the contact of this finance company where this fund is lodged and then inform you too of how to proceed.

Hope to hear back from you pretty soon.


Julian Middleton


When calling you dial your country calling code which I think is 011+my ). You can also confirm the code

from your service provider.

Which state?

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