Julian Symons

Jonathan –

Victim Location 91016

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email that was supposedly from the hiring department of the Johnson & Johnson company. The email contained information about positions which I qualified for and the benefits included with the position. Granted the pay was outrageously high for an entry level position which should have been my first red flag. He asked me to start a chat via Google Hangouts and from there would proceed with an interview. I did as directed and was asked the basic interview questions. Finally he asked for my credit card information which immediately made me suspicious. I refused to provide him with any info until I was able to speak with someone. Eventually he got someone, supposedly his superior, to call me and they explained that was the company policy and if I wanted to start training with my trainer and supervisor I had to provide that information. I declined and hung up. Soon after I received a text asking if I would rather provide my username and password for my credit card instead of the credit card information itself. I never responded.

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