Ronnie –

Victim Location 28217

Total money lost $5,800

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

IT is very disheartening to be the victim of the scam. This SCAM was initiated on 3/18/2019…

My brother’s house is under foreclosure and I am trying to help him saving his ONLY home and family.

I came to the private lender who emailed his service through my email address:



14958 Camden Ave, Suite 59,

San Jose, CA 95124

After the initial contract signed on 3/18/19 , outlining the

LOAN AMOUNT: $50,000, loan payment, terms and the first payment date. I signed the contract and the loan processing fee

was $1200 which I agreed to pay.

After I signed the contract, I went to the bank and dId the Wire Transfer and the same day, my bank informed me that

the receiving bank had a warning sign for FRAUD about M&S Company.

I contacted MANUAL ROSSELL/M &S COMPANY about what happened. He told me not to worry and trust him and I would be funded.

He then advised me to go thru the MONEY GRAM to deposit the processing fee. I needed the loan for my brother’s foreclosure, I believed that he told me that I would be funded.

I sent him the processing fee by MONEY GRAM, i.e. $1200

The next day, I was asking about the status.. MANUAL ROSSELL said that the loan could not be processed because there were

insurance had to be paid, $3000, (the registration, and insurance) and I could pay $1500 and the balance could be paid after the

loan was received. I told MANUAL ROSSELL that I did not have anymore money to pay. He said that he could not do anything.

Then, he got back to me and said that insurance could do $1000 UPFRONT, and then paid the $2000 after the loan was received.

Thinking about my brother’s foreclosure, I went to the bank and loaned $1000 and paid MANUELL ROSSELL/M & S by MONEY GRAM.

After I paid, i checked the loan status the next day.

MANUEL ROSSELL emailed me and said that the insurance now wanted another $1000 before they could do anything.

I told him that it was originally agreed that the $2000 could be paid after the loan was received. He said that he could not do anything. That was the insurance’s decision.

Then, I went back to the bank and loaned another $1000 to proceed with this original loan for my brother, i.e. $50,000, for his home foreclosure need.

The next day, i checked the status and MANUEL ROSSELL did not return any VOICE MAIL, EMAIL OR TEXTS at all.

Finally, he picked up his call that day and told me that the loan could not be processed until I paid the final $1000 as the bank

will not issue any COI (cert of ins) until all payments were rec’d. I was upset and said that those are not the original agreement over the phone with him.

I told MANUEL ROSSELL that it was not agreed like that.

I tried to CANCEL THE Loan and he refused and said that i could not cancel in the process of the loan.

I went back to the bank and loaned for $1000 to pay the rest of the insurance desperately because my brother’s foreclosure

bank was chasing him about the foreclosure.

After i had done the insurance, thinking the loan should be processed to save my brother’s home positively.


I did not receive any responses from my EMAIL, VOICE MAIL and TEXT and at the end of that day, he finally picked up the call

and told me that the bank needed $1600 to register as UNSECURED LOAN. I have to pay $1600 to his agent, i.e. ANNEGRET U VANKE, IN 46818

for registration.

i was crying and did not know what to do and he kept asking for more money and money WITHOUT NO LOAN.

i then told him that i went to the bank for 4th times and thought the last time was the FINAL .

He said that he could not do anything as the bank would not proceed with the loan.

i went back to the bank for the 5th times and loaned $1600 to pay MANUEL ROSSELL BY WESTERN UNION as the MONEY GRAM did not accept any transactions, i.e. too many transactions with 3 days.

I kept all the receipts that i paid him..

After that day, I thought this nightmare should have been ended and the loan be received.

i kept asking MANUEL ROSSELL to send me the confirmation slip and he did not do it…

The next day, i left him MANY EMAILS, VM, TEXTS without response..

Finally, Manuel Rossell responded back to back saying he was very sorry. there was something wrong in my BANK ACCOUNT and the

loan was routed to another account. I needed to pay $3500 to get the money converted back to my account.

i told him i did not have any money at all and i wanted to cancel the loan transaction as he failed the agreement and those

are not in any of the signed agreement at all. The only payment in the agreement is the $1200 loan processing fee. He came up with more and more money for me to pay and ended up in NO LOAN.

i asked MANUEL ROSSELL to refund me the $5800 to my account or i will report him and his business to the authorities and other agencies

He sent me the email saying that, " That would be fine by me."

I have decided to report M & S INVESTMENTS LLC AND MANUEL ROSSELL as the FRAUD who scammed the innocence and the

disadvantaged who needed help in their desperate time.

I am the victim of this FRAUD and SCAM not knowing how to pay back the bank loan of $5800 that I pay for MANUEL ROSSELL to get the loan to save my brother home.

I am taking my actions to report this incident so that others will not be in my shoes.

Thank you for your corrective actions towards M & S INVESTMENT LLC and MANUEL ROSSELL who scam people in a fraudulent way.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information and I hope that I can retrieve the money from this scammer.


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