Mab Discovery

Arthur –

Victim Location 76537

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by 2 people claiming to be employed by MAB Discovery. Their names are Thomas Schmid and John Gray. They contacted me due to an application I submitted on about a job they had for an administrative assistant. I had an online google hangout interview and I was then told I was hired the next day. They then stated in order to get me set up they would need to have me purchase equipment. They sent me a check for $950 and asked me to deposit in my account, and then the next day asked me to send $800 to someone via Western Union. This all started to seem odd because a large company should be able to give you the equipment you need to start a job not have you pay for it. After I claimed that this seemed like a scam they then wanted a credit card. I said I don’t have any and will not be using any further bank transactions, you should have the money needed to send equipment. I have not heard from them since.

Grant –

Victim Location 10454

Type of a scam Employment

Please be aware I have recently been told by this company was hired as an assistant, but the company is located in germany. It says u work from your own home. As to start of with a task they say you have to buy a 100 dollar Amazon card to but an equipment. That they will riemburst. Seems sceptical.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 75672

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam Employment

Representative called and texted me about a job offer after seeing my resume in Career Builders. Never spoke with a person verbally or via skype. All correspondence was sent via google hangouts. They sent me an application and job offer letter that included salary and benefits offered by Mab Discovery based out of Germany. They would be setting up a company in the US and needed an Administrative Assistant. When I started to chat back with them, they always to chat around 8 am in the morning, not beyond that. Once returned, asked me about how I would like to be paid, via check in mail, electronic deposit, or teller bank. I told them I did not have teller banking and preferred electronic banking. They sent me a check in the amount of $1350 and ask me to deposit into my account. Take $50 of the money deposited and then get back to them. The deposit was placed in an account I no longer use and had a low balance. They went back and forth on trying to get me to make a purchase using my debit card, but the card I had was expired and I told them it would take 2 weeks to replace. Since that failed, they asked me to withdraw $100 and take a cab to the nearest bank I used and that was located in Dallas, Texas. I pretended to take their advise, however I asked the bank to close my account and re-open another the same day. I never conversed with them again, however they did not give up. I continued to receive text messages for another day, and when I contacted the bank the next day, they had tried to withdraw $400 and another $200 which failed. The guy that was texting me, removed his picture from google hangouts and I haven’t heard from them since. I did lose $10 for having the bank to reverse the check they had sent me because I presumed it to be a scam and they later agreed as no account could be located.

Below is the email they sent me:

Aug 31 at 7:47 PM

Thank you for your prompt response. I have sent an invite via google hangouts and will await your response.

Again, thank you!

On Thursday, August 30, 2018, 3:13:26 PM CDT, Hans-Willi Krell wrote:

Dear ,

We want to notify you that we’re a German based organization that’s currently in negotiations to secure various branch locations in the U.S region. We are currently in search of Virtual Administrative Assistants that will complete various assigned duties and responsibilities for us, to appropriately handle our files electronically for reference purposes.

Our hiring team was excited to meet you and get to know you over the past few days/weeks. It is my pleasure to offer you a position at MAB Discovery in the role of a Administrative Assistant. This is a Full/Part/Flexible term position. You will work virtually on your chosen work shift completing your assigned duties/job description.

Attend to your offer document with the below instructions

(1) Get it printed out

(2) Attach your resume (in a Doc/PDF copy)

(3) Get the document signed and returned here for recording and database documentation.

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