Macromill group

Crystal –

Victim Location 26260

Total money lost $2,400

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had received a email through my school and got a response from a William Carter from Macromill Group that had said the professors needed help shopping for Christmas. At this point I had given a name and number and that was it. Had gotten a text and about 3 days later received a piece of mail that had a check in it for $2400.00. I was to go to deposit the check and then go to best buy to purchase 4 $500.00 gift cards. I now have debt to pay back as they pulled the check out and left me with a negative balance in my bank. please don’t be as dumb as I was thinking that it was legit coming from a school email.

Neil –

Victim Location 76549

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted via email through the university I currently attend. The email appeared to be legitimate as it is not unusual to receive employment opportunities in this manner. The employment offer was for a mystery shopper who would survey businesses such as Best Buy, fill out a questionnaire about services received, and complete additional tasks. The pay was $350-$400 for each survey and could be completed at any time. I signed up for the offer, received a package containing a packet and check in the mail, and followed the instructions on the survey. I was to deposit the check in my account, wait for it to clear, evaluate services for Best Buy by purchasing 4 gift cards for $500 each, and follow up with the alleged employer. The follow-up was via text message and included: pictures of the filled out questionnaire, the back of the cards, the purchase receipt, and was told to wait for further direction. I was then told to purchase a cashiers check at my bank making it out to Best Buy Inc and to take a picture of it front/back as well. I did so believing the alleged employer and was contacted for another assignment after a few days. Went to deposit the check at my bank and ended up getting my account frozen as of ***. The fraud department is investigating as the first check cleared, however, the second check did not go through due to the serial number matching the first check. Mind you, I had no idea the company was illegitimate as I did look up the website, and again, I was contacted through my universities personal email. I did text and call the number I was provided with which was to no avail. Although this is a lesson learned, everyone should be aware of scammers such as Macromill Group. The tactics they employ initially appear legitimate, however, they are fraudulent and lure innocent individuals such as myself in under the guise of a promising part-time employment offer. To add, my spouse even believed the company was legitimate as he had also looked up the business as well, so beware.

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