Karen –

Victim Location 46807

Type of a scam Tech Support

We purchased a new laptop last year and this organization "helped" us when we could not load a program. They called yesterday and told us someone in Russia had hacked our IP address and Microsoft had alerted them. If we didn’t pay $1000.00 that Microsoft would shut down our IP address and we would never be able to get another at our address. After asking many questions he insisted we could not wait at all that the IP address would be shut down immediately. We did ask if there would be a refund and were assured that within a month we could get a full refund. We also asked for that in writing and were assured that could be sent. We were to send a check asap while he was working on fixing the computer then he would call us back. After checking with someone with great knowledge about computers we were told it was a scam. They said to say we were calling the police and hang up. Which is what we did.

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