Magic Tech USA

Tonya –

Victim Location 68521

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called, out of the blue, by a New York phone number & a rep claiming to be located at a Texas address. Rep insisted that my network was broadcasting personal information & that it was imperative to log onto my computer to protect my info & he was going to show me how. He told me that he could be trusted because he knew my computer product ID. I started asking questions & received answers that changed. First he claimed to be with Windows, then he changed it to Magic Tech USA. I asked for an address and phone number, so that I could call back after doing some research. He was very evasive when it came to a zip code & upon being pressed, threatened to "blog" me from the system. After running a search, next to no info came up. Their website had an address that once googled, came up as a dog groomers.

Sara –

Victim Location 10030

Type of a scam Tech Support

The guys called me and said they are getting continuous error messages from my computer on their server. They said they are from the windows technical help-desk. They showed me event logs on the event viewer windows and also showed run.dll files in my windows temp file. When they understood I know little about computer operation and settings, they tried to portray these run.dll files as virus. They also said my computer was being hacked by some foreign IP addresses and will take minimum $149 to fix. I tried to take the remote session away. Oh I forgot to write, they took a remote session earlier using TeamViewer Free version software. I was not able to do stop the remote control that they had and when i said i won’t pay a single penny, they tried to put a lock on my computer through ‘syskey’ run command, i then took the ethernet cable out and cut them off. I want all to know what these tech support scammers are upto so that innocent people are saved and not loose on their hard earned money. I took the name of the company when they showed me their website and it was showing an Indian address on their page which is EN-35, 4th Floor, Walzen Tower, Sector V, Salt Lake City-700 091, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Everybody needs assistance and that is same with tech support too but one cannot impersonate a brand to make easy money and also harm by putting a lock if they don’t agree to pay. That’s not the right way to do business! One should teach these guys a lesson. Stop scamming America!

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