Market Force Spoof

Alexandra –

Victim Location 41048

Type of a scam Employment

I use, which is how they may had received my email address. However, they contacted me through my school email about a mystery shopper job for 450.00, mind you I researched it, so they are pretty good! However, I have actually worked in real mystery shopping jobs, so I do know they exist. I completed an online registration form where they asked for my email, my home address, and name, on that email they also used a university link, I guess to build a false sense of trust. "Andrew" the supposed supervisor texted me about a shop for Walmart, and begin sending me emails to my other email address about the "job opportunity." Looked legit enough, they used Market Force letterhead, and language that was used in my previous mystery shopper job, however the email address used was the second red flag, amount of compensation for doing the job, being the first. He told me through email that a package would be sent to me with compensation for both jobs and the funds needed to complete a purchase at both Walmart stores, for me to reply telling them which Walmart was closest to me that I would like to shop, and my urgent response was needed (third red flag: everything needed an urgent response). I then received a check for $2950.00, (fourth red flag) I was like wth, instructing me to deposit the check into my account and let them know once it has cleared, and my urgent response was needed(Of course I took my time…like a week, just because)!! That was when I decided to look them up on BBB and sure enough I saw very familiar situations. I then called their bank (Nordea Bank in NY) to verify that the check was not a valid instrument. Andrew continued texting me and I made up excuses of why it had not been deposited until I finished my "investigation." Once I completed my "investigation" and he texted me I told him that he needed to contact his bank because they were telling me their check was no good. Unbelievably, I haven’t heard back from ole’ Andrew.

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