Master Writing Jobs

Sharon –

Victim Location 35611

Total money lost $34

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I should have looked at the BBB site prior to sending the money, but I was just so excited to find a job.

There are multiple scam entries for this company already.

I got access to their database of potential employers, but they said I could get my money back if I was unsatisfied.

I requested a refund the same day, August 4 ,2017 and have yet to receive it.

Colin –

Victim Location 32738

Total money lost $34

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website offering online writing jobs. Has a 60 day money back guarantee on the website. Website is well made and convincing. However, tried to email several times and called and left voicemails with no calls back.

Dominic –

Victim Location 53130

Total money lost $34

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Website guarantees money back if you dislike the product for any reason. After multiple attempts via email, (no other form of contact is provided on the website) no money has been refunded.

Nicole –

Victim Location 49090

Total money lost $34

Type of a scam Employment

Today, Master Writing Jobs posted on FB. I am interested in Free Lance writing. The scam is $34 to get into the site and 60 days to really finds a job. The have all these freebies but the amount of download is awful! Next, the jobs search is really not indicated before you pay. Plus, it appears as though that they will help you hook up with a company. This is not so.. I have worked with these companies before like Toluna in which you do all the work and they find one thing wrong so you do not get paid. A person has no rights with their ideas in fact this is a scam to steal one’s own idea without payment. I canceled and am awaiting for the refund.

Glenn –

Victim Location 29673

Total money lost $34

Type of a scam Employment – It has all the hallmarks of a scam: Hard sell, limited opportunities countdown (fake, the countdown never changes), offers lots of money really quickly (ha), fee-charging. The only person profiting is the guy taking $34 per sucker.

The fake-urgency cue alone is a huge red flag. Then, the video downplays the need for readability and quality? NOPE. Good-paying freelance writing jobs demand quality.

They also made it so you can no longer comment on any of their pages because people were calling them out.

This is an ad that I’m seeing ALL over Facebook. It was sent to me by my mother-in-law because she thought it was real and I could tell it was not.

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