Matheson French Bulldogs

Catherine – Jul 08, 2020

I found Matheson french bulldogs online. I have purchased puppies before online and had them shipped to me no problems. So i didn’t think anything different about this site. My English bulldog had just died a week before. They sent several pictures and videos. After several texts i decided to go ahead and get one. I sent my charge through the bank on Zelle. They send me a copy of the shipping notice. So I waited to pick up the dog at the airport. A rep with the airline called and said i needed to pay $1650 for a new crate and insurance to get the dog from Atlanta to Florida-I called bull[censored] I knew then I was being scammed. I have even filed with the local FBI-These people need to be put behind bars-Scamming people who have lost a dog, scamming the elderly-kids that wont get a puppy! Shut them down!

Angelica – Mar 31, 2020

I came across and lost 2,360 for a puppy. They really played with my family’s money and broke my heart for telling me to give them more money. I try to contact them to give me all the money back but they won’t. I’ll still find a way to get all my money back. Ruthless that the puppy was never shipped,ALL A LIE!

Holly – Feb 28, 2020

Victim Location 52302

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Our family frenchie of 11 years died the prior week. So it was wonderful we found "Christian Matheson," owner of Matheson Frenchie Home. He sells french bulldogs at affordable prices, $600. I was skeptical at first due to price but he assured us that he’s a breeder because he enjoys the dog breed and not to make money. He sent a lot of pictures and 2 videos. Communication was through text and email but will call if asked. Payments are made through Zelle. If you need a flight its 100. Shipping of puppies are M, W, F. Later, Christian will offer you a driving service whom their partnered with to deliver the puppy to your home free of charge from the airport. Next day you’ll receive an email with shipping info from the Green Mean Logistics (pet delivery). Your pet will need a refundable insurance fee returned to you in cash upon arrival of your pet or your pet can not be shipped for whatever reason. Mine was due to weather, fee was 1280. I was going to pay until payment needed to be a money gram to a Jessica Perez in Quinto, Ecuador. At that point I for sure i was scammed. I called the pet delivery guy had an accent told him I had contacted the airport (which I did) and there was no dog awaiting to board a plane. In fact, there weren’t any french bulldogs to come across airlines as far back as they could remember. The man responded oh, they wouldn’t know where the dog is that’s my handling. Long story short I’m out of $700 and my family still doesn’t have a dog. BEWARE.

Denise – Feb 01, 2020

Victim Location 70124

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mom found a French bulldog puppy for sale through and contacted them via their website. After communicating back and forth, we sent $600 to have the puppy shipped to New Orleans. Unfortunately on the anticipated ship date, they contacted her to say the money was not received— our bank said differently. They asked for her to resend the money. I stepped in and told her not and did some thorough research on her breeders. That is when I found them to be fraudulent. My bank was able to flag the payment, and we are trying to stop it from completely going through. It is a shame as my mother is 72 and is easily duped by these things online.

Needless to say this puppy has never been shipped.

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