Maverick Financial

Olivia –

Victim Location 73110

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Maverick Financial began sending debt collection notices in the initial amount of $1,183.65 for a false debt to my address. Our family attorney’s sent them several notices notifying them to stop communications. An FTC Affidavit of Forgery was filed against this business as well as two separate police reports pertaining to the fraudulent debt collection activity. Maverick finance then attempted to collect on the bogus debt via mailing letters back to our attorney’s through Security Finance in South Carolina. On March 2, 2016 Security Finance sent a letter to our family attorney’s with my name misspelled and address information incorrect on a consumer loan agreement. Shamika Brown of Maverick Finance sent information pertaining to someone else’s loan to our attorneys indicating I had refinanced a loan with their company and had traveled to Tulsa to make a payment. Our attorney’s are eating this one up. This is definitely one case where any judge will simply award me a monetary sum based off fraudulent activity on behalf of Maverick Finance. I refuse to pay any sum of money to those types of company’s who attempt to utter forged instruments. Our attorney’s are considering a law suit presently.-

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