Marco – Jun 19, 2020

Victim Location 96825

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Email received:

we need your full name and delivery address, once we have it we will take it alongside the puppy to the airport and get him registered for the first available flight heisting to your location and once we are done, the delivery company is going to email you with the full flight information such as the departure and arrival time of the puppy ok and also a tracking number so that you will know the exact time to welcome the puppy home.

We will also be needing the following information from you,

Full Names:

House Address

Zip Code:


State: Closest Airport to your home:

once we have the above names and addresses, I will give you my names and address that you will use in sending the money through MoneyGram, Western Union or Zelle so that we can proceed with the flight reservation and also prepare a sale contract for you to sign. You get your flight tracking number and sales contract within 2 hours from the time payment is confirmed.

They would not answer any of our questions about strict Hawaii quarantine laws for bring in pets. Did not give their names, and said they can ship puppy via a courier doorstep delivery service, thus bypassing any Hawaii laws, in which didn’t apply to them.

Ashley – May 16, 2020

Victim Location 35756

Total money lost $1,980

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went on the website to purchase a toy poodle and I called the initial number on the website which was 5129753413 and then they begin to txt me from that number. They told me to have the puppy shipped the total price would be $700 so they told me to send the money through Zelle the name was Fai Cyndy so it sent the $700 and then they told me I would receive the puppy around 4pm so the next day I get a txt from this number 240-4280583 I get a txt from this number stating that the puppy was now in Arizona and that I would have to pay $1280 for the puppy insurance in order to get him flown to my city.. they gave me this info to send to them first name cristhian andres and the last name Mendez cendeño, the country Ecuador the state Pichincha and the city Quito the address Ave. LA Colon zip code 10750 they told me this is where the headquarters were located and to send the $1280 to this address and when I did I get another txt an hour later stating that they need a city permit they said due to the Covid-19 the rules have changed mind you it was my first time getting a dog shipped to me and then they said it was an additional $1050 at that point I told them no that I wanted a refund and that I’m not sending anymore money and that I had a right to want my money back and then he said you will get your money when the dog is delivered and that he will be put In quarantine if I abandon the dog I hope someone can resolve this they took everything I had I don’t have food or gas because of this

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