MDR Diagnostics / Howell K Linds Home Cares Spoof

Terrance – Jun 15, 2020

I experienced a very similar approach, woman by same name “found my resume online” and sought I communicate with her manager about potential employment involving data entry. This time it was for a company called “Cyient” (it actually exists). I communicated with her manager (Robert Jones) who gave me a long list of hardware and software I would need to buy, and was to arrange for receipt of payment for the purchase. Reluctant to provide bank account and routing numbers, we’re supposed to discuss this tomorrow (using Google hangouts). Seemed ‘scamy’ so I looked up the initial contact; Natasha Vollnuh.

Lacey –

Victim Location 95826

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a "Data Entry Clerk" position on a website called Indeed. I was contacted by a man named David Katz who says he is HR at MDR Diagnostics, saying he was interested in my application. He directed me with a code and said for me to go onto google hangout. Once I am on google hangout, to send the code to Natasha Vollmuh and gave me her email (nat[censored][email protected]) and so I went onto google hangout and did just that. Sent the code to Natasha and she replied by asking me that since I messaged her, I should be ready to move forward with the interview process. She claimed this would allow her to document the interview and show the department head so a decision could be made about employment and she will let me know how i scored on my interview. I had a dentist appointment so I asked to contact her back and contacted her with times that would work for me for an interview. She replied okay. A few hours later I replied to her back saying I was ready for an interview and she went forward with some instructions and questions. She proceeded to ask me questions, but frequently she would repeated, "I have few questions here on my desk which you are expected to answer, I believe you are ready?" At this point, I thought she might be an automated interviewer or something, yet I just continued with the interview. She informed me that you can work up to 45 hr./week and the pay was $30/hr and during training it was 35 per hour. after the interview, she asked if i can hold and she is sending my interview to her seniors. A few moments later, she came back and said "I have your results. Would you like to know how you did?" I said yes. She congratulated me and said i am hired to Howell K Lind Home Cares which is a sister company of MDR Diagnostics. I went on and googled the websites and they were real so I didn’t think any more of it. I thank her and she sent me a confirmation if i am able to do the duties listed under the data clerk entry position and I said yes. She told me to email her with my name, address, phone number, and email. I did, and she said she would like for me to contact her at 8am the next day my time zone and she will inform me about tasks I need to do and about the check she will be sending to me from her company which I am to deposit into my bank account and use that money to buy my work materials from a vendor they only work with and send her a confirmation receipt of the deposit as well. I then went onto indeed to look up the job posting again and it was removed and the job was taken off the website. The next morning I contacted her, and told me there were some issues with the check so it will get to me next week on tuesday and then i will be training in person with one of their employee on thursday. She then asked what name I would like to put on the check for working materials. I thought this was strange, and I asked her what materials I would need and she said softwares and a macpro book. that chat ended that day. The next day we chatted again at 8am and she said she will be sending me the tracking information for the check on tuesday and today was monday. I felt strange about this so i looked up scam job information and I contacted her June 10 2019 in the afternoon asking her to not send the check anymore and that i feel uncomfortable with depositing such a large amount of money into my bank account and if there was a return mailing address on the envelope for me to return the envelope back to her. She didn’t respond until tuesday morning at 8am and said that I made her feel bad and that she is not a scam. But i never mentioned the word scam to her. I said I will not open the envelope and put her envelope in a new envelope and send it back to her so she knows the check has not been touched or meddle with, she insisted that I use my own credit card to purchase the materials and I told her I don’t own a credit card. She then ignored my question about the return mailing address and asked me to purchase a 100 dollar gift card from amazon to buy books that I need for the training from a vendor of theirs. I told her I will not be able to work with them anymore and she said she is going to report me because I am going to run off with their company check. I told her that I will call usps to see what they can do about the package since she sent me the tracking number to the package and make sure a usps employee witness me putting her envelope into a new envelope, but my last response didn’t go through on google hangout and looks like she blocked me on google hangout because it says I can no longer message the participant.

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