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Hilary – Jul 13, 2020

It was a legit opportunity. I am working here 4 months.

Edward – Jul 10, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve been applying for jobs through Indeed and had sent a resume to an ad for a receptionist at "Joe’s Autobody Repair Ltd". The only reply I got was directing me to send my resume to another company. So I did, thinking they had used some sort of staffing agency for something. I was contacted by "Kayla Alexander" who sent me a long email with horrible grammar and strangely phrased sentences (see attached) which struck me as odd because her LinkedIn profile says she has a Masters degree from McGill. They were offering 1080/week CAD, for full time work and said it’s a remote work from home job for a Customer Service Agent.

At this point, I went to their website which touts the likes of Tim Hortons, Audi, RBC, etc as clients. I looked up their address in google maps and it appears to be a run down mall with no office space nearby. They couldn’t even be bothered to type out the full postal code. I then called the number (within "business hours") and a robotic male voice with a british accent basically gives you the run around and ultimately tells you to leave a message.

By this time "Kayla" had emailed me back with more information telling me that the probation period is basically just simple tasks used to "assess" work. There are also strict stipulations about not doing any "side issues" and having to be in constant contact with the supervisor during business hours. They never interviewed me, just read my resume (presumably) and then offered me a ridiculous amount of money for what should be a minimum wage job.

I’ve attached the screen shot of the original email reply, but I have saved the messages if needed in the future. They don’t have any information other than what is on my resume, and I didn’t click the link sent to me to "register".

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