MeticShip Trading Corporation

Charlotte –

Victim Location 30303

Type of a scam Other

Someone is posting online (craigslist in this case) selling a relatively used car with few miles for a very cheap price. In this case, the car they posted on craigslist was a white 2007 WV Passat that had about 38K miles on it that was listed for $2500. Once I texted the number provided, the person responded back asking for an email (I used an old email address I don’t regularly use). They then emailed me with information about the car and how I can go about to buy it.

They said in the email: "The car is currently located into MeticShip Trading Corporation warehouse from Great Falls,MT,headquarters,in the container, sealed and ready for shipping.I have signed a contract with this company because is able to take care of the whole sale (even if I am not there when the sale will take place), meaning that they will ship the car to your address and also will handle the payment for me.

If you want to buy the car through MeticShip Trading Corporation you have to register on the company website,because they can protect both of us and they also offer 5 days inspection period.You’ll have 5 days to inspect, test and drive the car before decided to keep it or not. If the vehicle is not like I described, you’ll ship it back on my expense and they will give you a full refund.After registering an invoice will be sent to you with detailed information about the shipping process, insurance, return policy and payment process too, the shipping fees are my responsibility.I apologize for the long email but I couldn’t explain the process in less words." (the name that the person goes in the email is Amanda Lowood, and in a previous email, they said they were going to ship "the truck" through this service)

What tipped me off that this might be a scam was that the car was not in the location it said it was in under Craigslist (the car is in Montana, but the ad says its in GA). After looking at what seemed to be the MTC site (, it was had the 404 error saying the page did not exist. When Amanda Lowoodn searching for the company’s reviews, Google pulled up a BBB site but the link is (… a site created by weebly (the site is an image with a fake review on it, but when scrolled to the bottom it shows the weebly logo). What made the scam believable, up until the questionable website, was that they had detailed images of the car (interior, exterior, and papers), which is either their car, or pictures they stole from site that no longer exist (could not trace them through Google Images). After looking into what I could about the scam, I’ve found a few sites that reported similar cases. The address for the company is fake, (it’s a house in the middle of nowhere with a pool in the backyard), I didn’t try the company’s phone number, but I’m going to assume it’s fake too. Fortunately, there was no money traded, but this could have been a very different story if I didn’t stop and check out their credibility.

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