MFX Investments and Mawer Investments

Erin –

Type of a scam Employment

I received the initial offer from MFX Investment Co to be a Shopping Evaluator via my cell phone. The compensation offered was $300 per assignment. I would evaluate stores, banks, etc. as to their customer service. I applied to the email given & recently received a letter that I had qualified & had been approved to be a Mystery Shopper. The letter was supposedly from a company called MFX Investments. However, the cheque enclosed for $2343.90 was signed by a different company, Mawer Investment Management Co, in Calgary, Alberta. They asked that I deposit the cheque in my bank account by Dec/15 & send them a copy of the deposit receipt.

I suspected that this was not legitimate so I contacted the Calgary They responded & told me the steps I needed to take to verify that it was a valid offer. The first recommendation was to contact Mawer Investments to determine if they were part of the Shoppers Evaluation Program & if they were affiliated with MFX Investments. I did this today & spoke with the Chief Operating Financial Officer. She confirmed that this is indeed a scam & that they have no affiliation with MFX Investments whatsoever. She had received 5 other phone calls about this offer. She asked that I scan the cheque, letter & the envelope it came in & send it to her. She also asked if I would speak to the RCMP if she gave them my name. I, of course agreed. Anything I can do to make other people especially seniors like me aware that this is not legitimate & to not deposit the cheque into ones bank account. Once they have the copy of the deposit slip, then they will have your banking information & a worse scenario I cannot imagine.

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