MHC Construction Romance Scam

Jennifer –

Victim Location 30016

Type of a scam Romance

I became connected with "David Smith" (fictitious name he used) on in January 2019. He used a Canadian accent and is very charming on email and on the phone. I discovered he was using a fake identify by doing a Google image search. I challenged him about his truthfulness at which time he denied it and referred me to the MHC Construction website to prove he was not lying. The picture on the website of the co-founder/CEO matched the ones he had sent me but those images were stolen from someone else. I asked him to Skype with me so I could determine if I was really talking to the person in the pictures he had sent me. He did get on Skype, but the Skype image in the session did not exactly match the words he was saying. He asked to get off Skype fairly quickly. I believe the Skype session was faked. He tried to get money from me. Please beware of this individual. He is very clever and a very seasoned scammer.

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