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Type of a scam Employment

They find your e-mail address off of a common website such as Monster.com, then they send you a terribly written job description, with an application asking for basic information. They ask that you have a printer/scanner, and can dedicate 3-4 hours of your day at home, you can even work in your pajamas! You would have to have a viable address that they can send packages, once you receive the packages you rip off the address label and tape on a new one. they offer close to $4,000 for a months work plus an additional $30/ package. This is just one of two scams I have received; below is a copy of a work description for a separate ‘company’



Legal Name: MIA Group Logistics LLC

Legal Address: 36 S 15th St, Philadelphia PA 19102

Website: http://miagrouplog.com


Our company offers mail forwarding services. Our clients are not just U.S. citizens, but also people around the world who would like to buy in the U.S., but do not have this opportunity. Our service is valuable to our customers, because we take all the problems with the postal service. Our clients include individuals who use mail forwarding, as well as companies that give us such functions as fulfillment service.



This position is absolutely free for you. So you won’t pay out anything of your pocket. You will work at home and the position doesn’t involve any door-to-door sales, or cold-calling, and there’s absolutely no pre-requisite for you to qualify for this position other than your motivations and willing to do whatever it takes to completely each task. Your ability to follow instructions properly, pay close attention to details and communicate effectively will determine your success. Despite it we have minimal requirements such as:

– Full legal age;

– US citizenship or work permit;

– Computer literacy (Word, PDF, e-mail, printer);

– Availability (local and/or cell phone);

– Ability to work 3-4 hours a day.


A supervisor supplies to Forwarding Agent the details of shipment and the list of items to be received. Forwarding Agent should:

1) Receive a package in reasonable time.

2) Notify the supervisor that product has been received.

3) Remove all old invoices and any stickers from the box.

4) Wrap every side of the box with plastic tape several times.

5) Log in to the taskbar, confirm delivery and leave comment.

6) Receive instructions from the supervisor (pre-paid label for shipping is included).

7) Bring the package to the local post office.

8) Notify the supervisor when the package is picked up or sent from the post office.


You can use this employment as additional income. But at the same time, you should be able to take all necessary packages, delivered to your address. We use the tax form 1099. We will send it to you after the first month of work.


The weight of packages is between 1 to 30 lbs. 1-5 packages per day. They have average dimensions. You won’t need a lot of space to store packages. Inside the packages there usually are clothes, electronics, shoes, vitamins, accessories, etc.


$2400 per month is a basic salary as well as progressive bonus, which will depend on the tasks number and punctuality of the work, and can be up to 30% of the salary. You will get your first bonus after two months of work, if you successfully receive and ship all scheduled packages. The salary does not depend on the amount of sent packages.

You will get the first pay after a month, since you send the first 2 packages. At this stage, we will look at how you are suitable for this job. If you successfully receive and send your first two packages, then you’ll get accepted for regular job and 30 days since this moment you will get your first pay.

We pay salary once a month by PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check or other payment options, agreed with us. We recommend Direct Deposit as a payment method.



If you will decide to terminate your employment with us, have to provide us a preliminary notice, in the same time you will not be obliged to provide us a notice in the specific period, as you will be working in "at will" basis. At the same time, you will need to complete all current tasks that have already been distributed to you before your notice.

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