Karl –

Victim Location 53139

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted this company and wanted to buy 2 chihuahua puppies. We emailed back and forth and they asked me a bunch of questions, to which I answered. They told me to send money ($750) to them via walmart2wamart and then they would ship the puppies to me. Once I had paid them the money, they told me that the shipping place would contact me and that I needed to pay an additional $870 so the would ship them to me. They told me this money was refundable on delivery of the puppies. I contacted the shipping place and the person that answered the phone explained to me that they needed the money for heated crates. I tried to send the money several times via different places and all the places I tried said this company was fraudulent. I then emailed the puppy place back and told them and they said the puppies are at the airport and I need to pay the money and it was my problem now. I have since not heard anything from the shipping company and tried to email them back to get my money back and they said no, it’s out of their hands. I tried to explain to them that I had lost my fiance 6 weeks aqo and that they were making something that should have been a happy moment into an additional stressful time for me. Any normal human being would have at least said they were sorry to hear that but nothing! Not one word was said.

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