Microsoft (Imposter)

Ronald –

Victim Location 29642

Total money lost $3,800

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was having issues with my computer. Company called Capital One (Brian) called and stated he is affiliate with Microsoft. Told me they would replace your computer under the warrant for a deposit of $1800. Gave him the deposit. Then called me back and told me that I would have to deposit an additional $1500 with UPS, which I did not send. Then received call last week that stated to deposit another $700.00, which I did. When hen I got my social security check I sent them an additional $1300. I have sent this business a total of $3800. I have not received my money back so I called the company back today, they stated they are not going to send my computer or money back unless I send them another $1300. Sent money by Wal Mart gift car. Purchased the card and then gave them the number off back.

Gloria –

Victim Location 23834

Type of a scam Phishing

Man called to say there was an issue with my cpu Microsoft software and he needed to install antivirus from his end to fix it and then he wanted me to send him a check for 199.00 If anyone calls you telling you there is a problem with your Microsoft software or anything else concerning your computer, DO NOT allow them to access your computer. Hang up immediately!! This is a scam for money and identity theft. I had to take my computer to the Geek Squad to have all viruses/phishing software removed and then I notified Life Lock of this situation so they could better monitor my info.

Anna –

Victim Location 23111

Type of a scam Tech Support

I recorded the following voicemail:

We (no other identification given) encounter a serious issue coming out of your computer. It seems to be someone is trying to hijack your computer and trying to steal your personal information. If it’s not fixed right away, then your computer will become obsolete and all of your creditional information may got (sic) compromised. If you are the one who is using Microsoft Windows on your computer, then please call 607.289.3811 or press 1 to speak with security team now. Please ignore it if we called you by mistake. Thanks.

(I ignored the messge but thought others may want to be aware.)

Jerome –

Victim Location 80634

Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother was contacted via phone. A message was left on her answering machine telling her that her Microsoft Windows was "running out" and to call back at 1-800-619-0763. When she called back, they wanted her credit card number for "fix her computer". Fortunately, she said her son (I) would take care of it. She called me and gave me the number. I told her it was a scam, but I wanted to talk to the people myself.

I called the number and the person who answer sounded high on drugs. He said he worked for Microsoft in Brooklyn, NY. I knew that was a lie and asked why he scams people out of money. He said it was because he "needed his weed everyday". I asked him to stop and to get clean.

Alberto –

Victim Location 23233

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pc issues

Javier –

Victim Location 23921

Type of a scam Tech Support

We keep getting calls from Microsoft saying they have information that my computer has a virus and they want me to get on the computer and they will try to help me with getting rid of it. I fell for this the first time they called and they keep calling back. I have received at least 6 of these calls within the past 6 months.

Dennis –

Victim Location 45247

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my Apple laptop and got a large pop up and voice prompt as well , telling me to call the stated number immediately to have malware removed from my computer. Stated do not shut down or use my computer …. It made it look like it was from Apple , but that was very suspicious. I called the number to see who would answer. An Indian accent and I asked who he was and he stated micro-softtech. He had the same smug voice i have heard in past attempts , and I hung up and called Applecare who preceded to help me rid the pop up, and confirmed it was certainly a scam .

Kristine –

Victim Location 45212

Type of a scam Tech Support

We were on the computer and we were having problems with our printer. We received a pop-up and my wife clicked on the pop-up and gave them our phone number. They called her back and they claimed they were with Microsoft and could assist with our problem. They did take over our computer and I then was password locked out. My computer is now in a shop being worked on. I have contact banks etc.

Valerie –

Victim Location 01610

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received an email from Microsoft (imposter) stating someone tried to use an application to sign into your Windows Computer. When our security officers investigated, it was found out that someone from foreign I.P. was trying to make a prohibited connection on your network which can corrupt your windows license key. Email states that if I do not recognize this sign in attempt, to provide the Reference # MZ1786 in order for a Technician to help me better.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 39845

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had some problems with my computers because it looks like they had a lot of viruses. A number popped up saying that it was Microsoft. After dealing with them, they asked me for my debit card, I have lost $400.00 and they did not fix my computers. The number I have called was 844-780-8027, when they called me back it was a foreign number with a name of a person that was from the Middle East.

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