Microsoft Imposter – Webtech Solutions 24/7

Javier –

Victim Location 14202

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer was lock out several times. We had to restart and it would have to reboot. Said they were Mircrosoft and that we did not have coverage for our credit cards, banking, etc. It would be attacked soon if we did not contact the number on the screen. I called and the tech person said when we changed from Mircrosoft 7 to Mircrosoft 10 my Antivirus did not cover it. The Antivirus covered virus’ but not my firewall. I needed to have a scan to clean up the computer and they would install protection and give me tech support for 1 year, 3 years, or lifetime – at an expense. I chose the 3 years and gave them credit card information which the credit card company email if I really wanted to do this. I said yes and they cleaned up my computer nicely. When I had my Antivirus company run another scan they took off anything that was not good. They told me these companies gain your confidence and then down the road steal your information.

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