Microsoft Tech Imposter

Johnny –

Victim Location 67484

Type of a scam Tech Support

Person want us to enter a website to apply for a refund for services on our computer that we have never had preformed.

Christina –

Victim Location 98335

Type of a scam Tech Support

Keeps popping up a window saying computer is infected when I know everything is running well, and tells me that I need to call a number in order to fix it. Blocks all my browser windows and I have to close switch out of my browser using alt+tab or start button to close out all my tabs forcing me to restart anything I was working on. This is a big waste of my time, and if I had actually fallen for it a scam that would take my money. My dad fell for this scam before and it cost him hundreds and a big headache to get all the money back.

Joseph –

Victim Location 59901

Type of a scam Tech Support

We were on website Daily Motion, and a pop up window came up…not let us click out…warning that our computer had been virused with a Trojan, and not to shut down….gave us a number to call 1-888-342-3406. We called, they answered, saying they were Microsoft Tech …his name was Sylvester Williams…we allowed him access to the computer…he gave a long spiel on all the problems and infections in our computer, and wanted us to buy his program for anti malware and spyware. When we told him we didn’t want to at this time, he immediately clicked off the line.

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